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Virtual visit

See your provider virtually. Save time and travel.

Get the care you need without leaving the comfort of your home. Virtual visits are a convenient care option offering you the flexibility to see your provider face-to-face using your mobile device and the Allina Health account app.

Virtual visits are the best way to do a non-essential clinic visit during the coronavirus outbreak from Minnesota and Wisconsin.


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What it is

A virtual visit is an online appointment that allows you to talk face-to-face with your provider from wherever is most convenient for you. Instead of going in to the clinic, you meet with your provider using a secure video connection from your mobile device or computer.

To help slow the spread of the coronavirus, we encourage anyone who needs an appointment with a provider to schedule a virtual visit for their care.

How to schedule: Call your clinic. We’ll help schedule a virtual visit with your provider or the provider of your choice.

Benefits of virtual visits include:

  • Convenience
  • No travel time or transportation costs
  • Shorter wait for care
  • Access to care if the provider you need to see is far from home or work
  • Continue working if your provider is running late
  • Similar cost to regular office visit and covered by most insurance plans
  • Avoid the waiting room (and waiting room germs!)

Good for treating

A virtual visit is a great alternative to in-person care with your provider for a wide range of health conditions and services, more than you might expect. So instead of a trip to the clinic, you can avoid a busy waiting room and meet with a provider from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Virtual visits are good for:

  • Medicare wellness visits
  • Adult physical
  • Well-child exam
  • Follow-up care
  • Medication checks
  • Mental health
  • Smoking cessation
  • Family planning
  • Many other conditions and concerns

The following appointment types require an in-clinic appointment and are excluded from virtual visits:

  • Procedures
  • Pre-operation or pre-procedure exams
  • Visits with individuals 13 -17 years old


What to expect

You schedule a virtual visit for a specific date and time, just like you would for a regular office visit by calling your clinic.

Before the visit:

  1. Check with your insurance provider to see if virtual visits are covered in your plan.
  2. Sign up for an Allina Health account. If you are new to Allina Health, call 1-888-4ALLINA and we’ll help you get set up instantly with an account.
  3. Download the Allina Health account app to your mobile device (available on Apple and Android devices). An alternative option is to use a computer with a camera, speaker and microphone, and join the visit using a supported internet browser: Chrome 75.0 , or earlier version, or Internet Explorer 11.0.
  4. You will receive a reminder email five days before your virtual visit.
  5. On the day of your visit, launch the Allina Health account app on your mobile device and join the visit at least five minutes before your appointment time.
  6. Have your government issued ID ready to show.
  7. Find a quiet, well-lit place to ensure privacy and good sound quality. A virtual visit will not be performed if you are operating any type of motorized vehicle.

During and after the visit:

  1. After connecting to the virtual visit, you’ll be placed in the online waiting room.
  2. When the visit begins, you’ll see your care team on a split screen.
  3. You’ll talk to your provider like you do during a normal office visit.  
  4. Your care team will provide an after-visit summary and document your appointment in your health record.
  5. Your visit will be billed to insurance like a regular office visit.
  6. If during the virtual visit you or your provider determines further testing or examination is necessary, a quick in-clinic follow up can be scheduled when it works best for you.

If you need to cancel or reschedule a virtual visit, call your clinic.

If you have technical difficulties connecting to your scheduled visit, call 612-262-3087.

Good to know

You must be physically located in Minnesota or Wisconsin to complete a virtual visit.

Most patients who have seen their provider virtually were satisfied with their care and would use virtual care again.

How a virtual visit works for children 0-12 years old

  • Virtual visits for children must be done from proxy accounts
    • Parent/guardian(s) who already have an Allina Health account can request proxy access for a child electronically.
    • Parent/guardian(s) who do not have an Allina Health account, will need to complete the child proxy access form to get an account for themselves and access to the child’s record
  • The child with the health concern, must be present at the time of the virtual visit.
  • The parent/guardian will need to have the government issued ID available, not the child.


A virtual visit usually costs the same as an office visit, but depends on your insurance plan. Virtual visits are not typically reimbursable with Medicare, but for a temporary period they will be reimbursed by Medicare to support patients and providers during the coronavirus outbreak.

If your provider determines that your health concern can’t be addressed during your virtual visit and requires an in-person visit, you won’t be charged for the virtual visit.  If you complete a virtual visit and your symptoms later require you to go to a clinic for the same condition within seven days, you won’t be charged for the prior virtual visit.

Virtual visits are available during standard clinics hours with your provider.

If you need care outside of clinic hours, Everyday Online is available 24/7 with no appointment required. You will be treated by someone from our team of board-certified providers.


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We've changed how we provide some services with your care and safety in mind. Expanded virtual care services are available to schedule online. You can also call your clinic for help finding the best option.

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Please call to schedule

To schedule a virtual visit online, you need an Allina Health account.
For help setting up your account, call 1-888-425-5462.

What’s the reason for your visit?

Only these primary care appointments can be scheduled online. For all other appointments or with any questions, call 1-888-425-5462.

What’s the reason for your visit?

Only these primary care appointments can be scheduled online. For all other appointments or with any questions, call 1-888-425-5462.