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Virtual visit

Face-to-face care. Online convenience.

Get the same quality care you’d expect in person while saving time and travel. Through a secure video connection, a health care provider will listen to your concerns, answer your questions and recommend a treatment plan.

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No matter what's keeping you busy these days, there's one thing that shouldn't get lost in the shuffle—your health. With virtual visits from Allina Health, fitting health care into your life is easier than ever. Whether you're at home or on the go, our trusted providers are ready to bring care to you. Virtual visits are a great option for lots of health issues—more than you might expect.

To schedule a virtual visit, call us or log into your Allina Health account. Find your provider. Then choose a date and time that works best for you. When it's time for your virtual visit, use your Allina Health app to access a secure video connection with your provider. They'll evaluate your needs, answer your questions, and recommend a treatment plan just like an in-person appointment.

Go face to face, not the place to place. Virtual visits from Allina Health. Quality personalized care that meets you where you are. Schedule your virtual visit at


What to expect from a virtual visit

A convenient alternative to in-person care, virtual visits can address more health conditions and services than you might expect—including urgent care. Virtual visits are available during regular clinic hours to people of all ages in Minnesota and Wisconsin. The cost is similar to an in-person visit, but you’ll save time and stress by avoiding travel, parking and busy waiting rooms.

Benefits include:

  • No travel, parking, or waiting rooms
  • Easy to do with kids around
  • Great for consults, follow-up care, questions and prescriptions
  • Private and secure connection via the Allina Health app
  • Personal, face-to-face communication
  • Predictable and comfortable format
  • Just as valuable as an in-person visit for many types of appointments

Not sure about a virtual visit? Watch this short video and find out what it’s like. It’s a new approach, but you’ll get the same level of care, attention and commitment that you’d expect from us in person.

Virtual visits at Allina Health

Virtual visit appointments are best for:

  • Primary care: including sleep problems, anxiety and depression, allergies and sinus issues, medication check, follow-up care, skin conditions, management of chronic conditions (such as diabetes and hypertension), nutrition and weight management, Medicare wellness visit
  • Some types of urgent care: non-life-threatening illnesses including allergies, back pain, abdominal pain, ear pain, COVID-19 or flu symptoms, diarrhea, pink eye, rash, migraine or headache, vomiting, urinary tract infection, sinus infection
  • Pediatrics: common illness, ADHD/ADD and other developmental concerns and skin conditions
  • OBGYN: post-partum and routine pregnancy care, some high-risk perinatal care, gynecological issue, menstruation changes, birth control and family planning
  • Orthopedics, including muscle, bone, or joint injuries; muscle strains; joint pain or swelling; and suspected broken bones
  • Specialty care consultations from audiology, allergy and immunology, dermatology, mental health, integrative medicine, integrative nutrition, rehabilitation

These are just some of the care options available virtually. Check with your provider or clinic to see if your medical concern is right for a virtual visit.

Not available for:

  • Emergency visits
  • Pre-operation or pre-procedure exams
  • Conditions that require X-rays, scans, stitches or hands-on treatment
  • Labs
  • Vitals
  • Adult physical
  • Well-child exam

Schedule a virtual doctor visit today

If you already have an Allina Health account, you can schedule online. If you don't have an Allina Health account and are a current patient, you can sign up now.  New to Allina Health? Call 1-888-425-5462 to schedule your virtual visit.

Choose from hundreds of providers who do virtual visits. Don’t have a regular provider? Not sure who to see? Use the search function to find an expert in the type of care you need. 

Start an urgent-care virtual visit

Log in to your Allina Health account to begin your virtual visit.

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What patients are saying about virtual visits

"My provider answered all my questions, and it was quick, easy, and still felt personal!"

 “I appreciate the virtual visit. It was very thorough and I didn’t have to drive to a clinic. Everything has been so easy. The scheduling, the appointments but mostly the CARE!”

“The entire process was very easy, convenient, and everyone involved was 100 percent comfortable with the virtual process. This instilled a lot of confidence in me, with this being my first virtual experience."

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