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Comprehensive and innovative neurological care

Neurological disorders affect millions of Americans and their families and are on the rise. These complex conditions require comprehensive, expert care. Allina Health’s Neuroscience Program, along with our affiliated physician partners, is the leading provider of neurological care in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest.

Givens Brain Tumor Center
Givens Brain Tumor Center

At the Givens Brain Tumor Center, we believe each patient deserves excellence in care that includes cutting-edge technology from a compassionate staff in an environment focused on their unique needs. Our experts collaborate to provide comprehensive treatment that addresses each patient’s mind, body and spirit.

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Neurological care at Allina Health

As leading providers of neurological care in the Twin Cities and Upper Midwest, our highly skilled specialists at Allina Health diagnose and treat patients with neurological disorders of all kinds, including:

Advanced technology

At Allina Health, advanced technology is combined with specialized physicians, skilled staff, dedicated facilities and focused programs to make our neuroscience program a comprehensive resource for neurological care and information. Technological enhancements include:

Other services:

Concussions in sports: What you should know

A concussion is a blow to the head that affects how the brain works. It can happen during free play, recreational sports, youth leagues or high school and college sports. ImPACT™, a 20-minute computer test, would help your child in the event of a future concussion.

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