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Integrative nutrition consultations

Promote healing and restore health with an integrative nutrition consultation, helping you know what to eat and why.

You are unique. Establishing and maintaining your nutrition with your health and lifestyle can be a delicate balance.  

Integrative nutrition consultations can help you find that balance by providing nutrition recommendations to make your body work as well as it can.

The integrative nutritionist will work with you to find causes for poor health and potential ways to reduce chronic disease. He or she will also look at your lifestyle and your family’s health history to help achieve the best possible outcomes.

You will get the support from our team of experts to help you reach your nutrition goal.

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What it an integrative nutrition consultation?

Integrative nutrition is based on the strong relationship between the nutrients you get from food and how well your body works. It goes beyond basic nutrition to prevent or improve poor health.

If you live with a chronic disease, an integrative nutritionist can help you to develop an individualized plan to know what to eat and why to help promote healing and restore your heath.

Together, you’ll develop strategies to prevent a new disease from occurring or an old one from returning.

About our nutritionists

Our nutritionists are credentialed and certified by national organizations. They have experience and backgrounds in nutrition science and dietetics.

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Source: Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
Reviewed by: Maureen Doran, RD, LD, nutritionist; Carolyn Denton, MA, LN, nutritionist

First published: 3/7/2017
Last reviewed: 8/5/2021