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Urgent care

From fixing fractures to fighting the flu. We're here for you seven days a week.

Get care even faster. Try Everyday Online, our 24/7 online care service. Or start a virtual urgent care visit, available on demand 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. weekdays and 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. weekends. 24/7 access may be available depending on the patient’s age, location and/or insurance coverage.


Urgent care enables you to be seen quickly for unexpected illness, infection or injury, at a time that fits your schedule. No appointment needed.

Our urgent care locations are open late, including weekends and most holidays. Walk-ins are always welcome. You can check wait times at locations near you and use On My Way to let us know you're coming.

When you can’t get to a location, virtual urgent care is also available to treat many medical conditions.

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What is urgent care?

Urgent care provides convenient and affordable walk-in care and virtual on-demand care for illnesses and injury that aren't life-threatening. We provide quick care for people of all ages; from babies and children to adults. You do not need to be an Allina Health patient to receive quick care at an urgent care location.

Urgent care services

Medical conditions that are appropriate for treatment at urgent care are ones that are not considered emergencies but still require care, within 24 hours, including:

Minnesota's Best Urgent Care Find urgent care open near me and urgent care waiting times

When to go to urgent care

Urgent care locations specialize in treating you for illnesses and injuries that aren't life-threatening when your primary care clinic is closed or you can’t get an appointment that fits your schedule. Allina Health Urgent Care locations are open late on weekdays and are also open on weekends and most holidays, giving you a convenient option to get care quickly.

When you can’t get to a location, virtual urgent care is also available to treat many medical conditions.

Wait times and On My Way

Urgent care wait times are available online for each location. Wait times are estimated; your actual wait time will vary depending on the severity of your medical needs and the number of other patients at that urgent care location. When you arrive, the front desk staff will provide your estimated wait time.

We’ll always do our best to see you quickly.

You may reduce your wait time by checking in online with On My Way. By sharing basic contact information and when you plan to arrive, you’ll be placed on a list of patients who need to be seen at a specific urgent care location. Unlike an appointment, the waitlist is based on an estimated time. Your wait time may vary based on the severity of your needs and the number of patients at the urgent care.

Virtual urgent care

Connect virtually with an Allina Health Urgent Care provider for treatment of common illnesses. Virtual urgent care is available on demand –  weekdays from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. and weekends from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. – no appointment needed. In fact, you may have access to 24/7 virtual urgent care services, depending on your age, location and type of insurance coverage.

  • To see the next available urgent care provider, start an on-demand virtual visit.
  • Virtual urgent care is offered at a single, transparent price of $124 or less, depending on your health insurance plan. Some conditions may require in-person lab tests, X-rays or other types of imaging, or visits for follow-up care that will result in additional charges.
  • Virtual urgent care does not provide:
    • emergency care
    • physicals
    • stitches, procedures or types of hands-on treatment
    • referrals to other care providers
    • refills of controlled substances or other medications prescribed by other providers

Urgent care vs emergency room

You may find yourself with a medical concern and you are unsure where to go for health care. Here is a basic rule of thumb to help you decide the right place to get care. Go to:

  • the nearest emergency room (ER) or call 911 if you have any signs or symptoms of a life-threatening condition, including shortness of breath, chest pain, stroke symptoms or other warning signs of a medical emergency. Emergency rooms are open 24/7
  • urgent care for non-life-threatening illness, infection or injury, when your clinic is closed or you can’t get a convenient appointment
  • primary care clinic for scheduled appointments, including physicals (annual, sports and return to work), preventive care, ongoing care and treatment for chronic conditions
  • Everyday Online an affordable, flat rate option for the treatment of a variety of common everyday conditions virtually, when you don’t want to or can't be seen in person.

Insurance is accepted at urgent care

All major health plans are accepted. Your insurance company will be able to tell you what is and isn’t covered under your plan, and how much you will be responsible for paying out-of-pocket. Copayments are collected at the time of the visit.

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Source: Allina Health Urgent Care and Allina Health Patient Education
Reviewed by: Keith Olson, MD

First published: 2/24/2012
Last reviewed: 6/9/2021