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HIV/AIDS care and prevention

Specialized HIV/AIDS care for your unique health needs

The fight against HIV/AIDS starts with you, but you aren’t alone. Choose Allina Health for compassionate support from specialized HIV/AIDS health care providers who work closely with you every step of the way.

We put your unique needs at the center—from prevention to coping with a diagnosis and finding the right treatment options for you.


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HIV/AIDS services

We give comprehensive care for people at high risk or living with HIV/AIDS. 

Get easy access to programs and services, including: 

•    HIV prevention and pre-exposure prophylaxis (PrEP)
•    Case management 
•    Mental health services
•    Specialty pharmacy 
•    Patient education.

HIV prevention and PrEP

Consider HIV prevention medications (PrEP) if you don’t have HIV and are at high risk. PrEP can significantly reduce your risk of getting HIV from sex or injection drug use.  

Your health care provider will recommend a PrEP routine right for you. Your regimen may include: 
•    regular HIV screening and prevention appointments
•    taking preventive HIV medications
•    a consultation about lowering your risk of HIV infection. 

Specialized care from an experienced, connected team

Living with HIV/AIDS and managing your treatment can be difficult. Your comprehensive team of specialized health care providers, nurses, case managers and pharmacists can help you thrive and live as normal of a life as possible by guiding your care. 

Your case manager will help you create a customized treatment plan and reach out to you first at every step to address your physical, emotional and spiritual needs.

Insurance coverage and cost

HIV/AIDS care is typically covered by insurance. Your care team can help you get insurance if you don’t have coverage. Supplemental programs are available to cover medications and copays if you qualify. 

Talk with your insurance provider about medical coverage and get a price estimate before your appointment.  

First published: 11/29/2021
Last reviewed: 1/27/2022