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Psychiatry, adult

Psychiatric care for adults

Allina Health psychiatric care for adults helps to understand your needs and create an individual plan to meet your specific mental health treatment goals.

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Psychiatry at Allina Health

You will work with a psychiatry provider, a doctor or nurse practitioner, who can diagnose and treat mental health conditions, order medical tests, prescribe medicine and provide talk therapy.

Psychiatrists may work with and coordinate your care with your primary care doctor, psychologist, social worker or nurse.

Psychiatry is good for treating

Psychiatry can help you better manage:

  • addiction and substance abuse
  • mental or emotional illness, such as anxiety, depression or schizophrenia
  • patterns of problems in your relationships
  • sexual or gender identity issues.

What to expect from your visit

For the first session, you will meet with a licensed therapist, doctor, or nurse practitioner whose expertise matches your needs. The purpose of the intake appointment is to learn about your history and symptoms to determine the best plan of treatment for you.

To focus your treatment effectively, the mental health provider will need to understand your:

  • background
  • current problem
  • medical history
  • strengths.

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Source: Allina Health Mental Health & Addiction Services
Reviewed by: Elizabeth Hackenmueller