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Post COVID rehabilitation

Rehabilitation support for ongoing symptoms post-COVID-19

After recovering from coronavirus, some may experience ongoing physical and mental symptoms after the infection passes, also known as post-COVID-19 syndrome. Treatment options are available to help you fully recover. 

Recovering from COVID-19: What you need to know

COVID-19 can cause many long-term side effects. It's important to know these possible side effects as your recover at home. If you were hospitalized for COVID-19, rehabilitation can help you return to an activity level you enjoyed before your hospital stay.

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Post-COVID-19 services at Allina Health

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of Allina Health, offers several care options for post-COVID-19 patients across Minnesota and western Wisconsin.

Post-COVID-19 services include:

  • Rehabilitation services to treat lingering COVID-19 symptoms. Some exhibit ongoing concerns when returning home and are trying to resume life and find it more challenging than anticipated.
  • Acute inpatient rehabilitation combines comprehensive medical and rehabilitation therapy services designed to improve patient outcomes, empowering them to return and stay in their homes.
  • Outpatient rehabilitation provides medical rehabilitation therapy services that can improve outcomes for individuals experiencing post-COVID-19 side effects and help them gain independence.
  • Fitness, wellness and pool services provided for individuals and group sessions geared to develop safe fitness routines and overall health.

Minnesota allows direct access to patient care for physical therapy and speech therapy. Please check with your insurance provider to find out if a physician's order is needed. 

If this is your first therapy appointment with a provider in this service or specialty, call 612-262-7900; if you're a returning patient, call your Courage Kenny Therapy Department.

Post-COVID-19 symptoms

Symptoms associated with post-COVID-19 syndrome may include: 

  • balance concerns
  • breathing difficulty
  • cognition, concentration and memory concerns
  • muscle weakness and fatigue
  • joint pain
  • depression and anxiety

Good to Know

Your care team may include physical medicine and rehabilitation providers, physical therapy, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, neuropsychologists, pain specialists and mental health specialists. A referral is required to see a physical medicine and rehabilitation provider (PM&R). For questions regarding PM R services or to make an appointment, please call 612-775-2600.

Care coordination is available to help to navigate treatment and after-care services.

Our services offer telehealth and in-person care options. Patients can be referred to services by their primary care provider or a specialist.

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