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Eye Care and Vision

Keeping good health in sight

Healthy eyes and good vision are important to your overall health and your everyday life. Whether you need an eye exam or new eyeglasses, are considering laser eye surgery to correct your vision, or have a health condition that affects your vision, our eye doctors and vision care team at Allina Health can help.

Optometrist with patient during eye examination
Eye Examinations

Our optometrists and eye clinics are located across the metropolitan area, so it’s easy to schedule an eye exam near you.

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Eye care and vision specialists at Allina Health

When you need eye care, there are two types of eye doctors and a technician who may be involved in your care. Each has a different level of training and different role in caring for your eyes.

  • Ophthalmologists are medical doctors specializing in eye and vision care. They have advanced training to diagnose and treat a wide range of vision problems using medicine, laser technology and surgery. In addition, some ophthalmologists further specialize in an area of medical or surgical care, such as pediatrics, retina care or eye cancer.
  • Optometrists provide primary health care for your eyes. They perform annual eye exams, prescribe glasses and contact lenses, and diagnose and treat various eye conditions such as diabetes, glaucoma, dry eye, injuries and eye infections. Optometrists collaborate with ophthalmologists and other healthcare professionals to ensure your overall eye health and well-being.
  • Opticians fill your lens prescription and help you select and fit your eyeglass frames.

At Allina Health, our ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians work together to provide comprehensive eye care services to you and your whole family.

Optician with young girl during eyeglass fitting
Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Our opticians help you choose the eyewear that makes you see, feel and look your best.

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Eye care and vision services at Allina Health

At Allina Health, our eye care and vision services include:

  • comprehensive eye exams, including newborn and infant screening
  • contact lenses – selection and fitting
  • diabetic eye exams
  • eyeglasses and frames – selection and fitting
  • laser eye surgery exams for vision correction (before and after surgery)
  • medical management of eye problems

Our eye care and vision experts also treat conditions that include:

  • nearsightedness
  • farsightedness
  • astigmatism
  • cataracts
  • crossed eyes
  • diabetic retinopathy
  • dry eye
  • eye infection or injury
  • foreign object removal
  • glaucoma
  • lazy eye
  • macular degeneration

Sudden changes in your vision could be signs of an eye emergency that needs immediate attention. If you have an eye injury or changes in vision, always consult with a doctor.


We accept most insurance plans. Please check with your insurer about your coverage.

Man relaxes outside after having LASIK surgery
Laser Eye Surgery (LASIK) for vision correction

Laser eye surgery can help correct basic vision problems, including nearsightedness, farsightedness and astigmatism.

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