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Weight management

Reclaim your life with safe, sustainable weight loss programs

Weight management is about wellness—and about reclaiming your life. Make it happen with a safe, medically supervised weight loss program that’s uniquely suited to you and your wellness goals. At Allina Health, we’ll help you achieve healthy weight loss with an expert team, convenience and ongoing support.

Weight management programs at Allina Health

Your weight is key to your overall health. If your weight isn’t under control, it can cause—or worsen—conditions like Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and more. With healthy weight loss programs from Allina Health, you can reclaim your health and your life.

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Medical weight loss program

Discover medically supervised weight-management options that fit your life, your needs and your unique wellness goals.

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Start a healthy weight loss plan designed just for you

A weight loss program won’t work unless it works for you. At Allina Health, we offer options, support and medical guidance—giving you a personalized pathway to better health and a fuller life.

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Weight loss surgery

Allina Health is nationally recognized for safe, high-quality bariatric surgery. Get compassionate care, from prep to recovery and beyond.

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Count on an expert weight management team

Because your weight is so important to your health, you shouldn’t trust it to the latest fitness fad or dieting best-seller. Our care providers use the best evidence-based treatments for safe and sustainable weight management. Plus, you’ve got the whole Allina Health system of health care providers behind you—to improve your total wellness.

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OPTIFAST® meal-replacement program

Lose weight quickly and safely with nutritious meals, plus support from a dedicated care team. So you build healthy habits that last.

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Discover weight management convenience and support

Losing weight isn’t easy. But getting the help you need should be. With locations across the Twin Cities and western Wisconsin, virtual appointments, digital tools and more, Allina Health makes it easier to start—and stick to—a plan that will work.