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Acute inpatient rehabilitation

Acute care

When an accident, injury or medical condition warrants intensive physical rehabilitation, Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute’s acute inpatient rehabilitation may be for you. Our team includes physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians, nurses, therapists, psychologists, fitness specialists and community-based experts.

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What is acute inpatient rehabilitation?

Acute inpatient rehabilitation is appropriate when a healing environment can help you recover your physical, mental and emotional function after an injury, accident or medical condition.

Care is provided by a team of physical medicine and rehabilitation experts including doctors, nurses, therapists, psychologists and behavioral therapists, social workers, and fitness specialists.

We also offer a variety of specialty services including:

Acute inpatient rehabilitation at Allina Health

We offer acute inpatient rehabilitation at Abbott Northwestern Hospital in Minneapolis and United Hospital in St. Paul. We also offer sub-acute rehabilitation care at the Transitional Rehabilitation Program in Golden Valley.

To be referred to acute inpatient rehabilitation, you must have limitations in two or more of the following areas:

  • ability to think/learn/problem solve
  • activities of daily living
  • bowel/bladder function
  • communication
  • mobility

Our care team will work with you and your loved ones to develop a rehab plan with goals specific to you. Our focus is on helping you reach your goals and the highest level of independence that’s possible for you.

A full range of medical, diagnostic, lab and pharmacy services are available. Doctors respond to emergencies 24-hours a day.

Family members are also encouraged to be part of your care team. We offer family services that may include counseling, education and resources, and peer support.

What to expect from your visit

You will receive a minimum of three hours of therapy, five days a week. This may include physical, occupational and speech therapy; recreational therapy; intensive fitness; behavioral therapy; neuropsychology and psychological testing.

All locations offer a mix of private and semi-private rooms. Priority for private rooms will be given to people with medical or behavioral needs.

Our therapy areas feature simulated, real-life equipment and settings, and access to the latest in robotic and assistive technology of all kinds.

Other features include:

  • accessible fitness centers
  • dining rooms
  • family lounges
  • laundry
  • outdoor areas and therapeutic gardening
  • warm water swimming pools
  • WiFi and internet access

Conditions treated

  • conditions such as heart and lung disorders, cerebral palsy, Muscular Dystrophy, post-polio and arthritis among others
  • chronic pain
  • multiple trauma
  • neurological and orthopedic conditions
  • spinal cord injury
  • stroke
  • traumatic or acquired brain injury

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Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

First published: 3/8/2019
Last reviewed: 3/7/2019