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Penny George Institute for Health and Healing

As a national leader in holistic medicine – often called alternative or integrative medicine – we help you improve your well-being by focusing on your whole being, mind, body and spirit.

Whether you are healthy or sick, we meet you where you are at through our:

  • online or in-person classes on topics ranging from Resilience Training to weight management
  • holistic services, clinics and fitness center
  • community and employer wellness programs
  • bedside services at some Allina Health hospitals
  • consultations and trainings for health professionals and leaders.

Acupuncture offered across our region

Whether you are healthy or sick, our acupuncturists can help with concerns like digestive issues, insomnia, anxiety, menopause, infertility, cancer symptoms and treatment side effects and more.

No matter where you live or work in our region, there’s a good chance we have an acupuncturist in the area. You can find us at Allina Health clinics and hospitals, and even at Piper Breast Center and the Virginia Piper Cancer Institute.


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We support your well-being by focusing on your whole being

Whether you visit a Penny George Institute integrative medicine doctor, conduct a phone visit with a health coach, or take a wellness class, you will find a consistent philosophy.

Our work is grounded in focusing not just on your illness, symptoms or health goal, but your whole being – mind, body and spirit. We partner with and empower you to tap into your body's own healing capabilities. We emphasize education, coaching, and help equip you with tools and practices to promote the best you.

What does this mean for you?

  • When you are healthy, our physicians, nutritionists, health coaches, exercise specialists, educators and other providers will help you find ways to build your resiliency, sleep better, reach your ideal weight or accomplish any health goal you put forward to do more of what you love.
  • When you are sick with any illness - ranging from a seasonal flu to cancer - we can help to support you with novel approaches including acupuncture, massage therapy, integrative nutrition, and integrative medicine consultations.
  • When you are looking for new options for dealing with chronic pain, allergies, stomach problems or fertility issues, we can work with you to identify new solutions by considering both Western and Eastern medicine.
  • You may receive holistic therapies, like massage, Korean hand therapy, acupuncture, guided imagery and more, by one of our dedicated providers when you receive hospital care at:
  • In addition to Penny George Institute clinics and some Allina Health primary care clinics, we also offer acupuncture in your community at:

Our history and name

Created in 2003, we have become the largest integrative health center embedded in a health system in the country. Our doctors, nurse practitioners, acupuncturists, and other experts have the highest credentials in their fields.

We were founded at Abbott Northwestern Hospital as the "Institute for Health and Healing" by the George Family Foundation and the Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation.

In 2008, our name changed to the Penny George Institute for Health and Healing to honor integrative health philanthropist Penny George.

George is an international leader in advocating for integrative medicine. Her passion stems from her own recovery from breast cancer. Integrative medicine provided a foundation for that recovery, and this led her to see the need for a more holistic approach in Western medicine.

"Integrative health has the potential to fundamentally change the face of health care today," she says. "The institute is a philosophical and clinical manifestation of that promise."

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Only these primary care appointments can be scheduled online. For all other appointments or with any questions, call 1-888-425-5462.