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Dietitian services

Dietitians can help you understand the daily eating plan that is best for you and give you helpful tools to apply it to your lifestyle.

Dietitians can help people of all ages.

You can get information from your doctor regarding the dietitian(s) in their clinic.

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Improve your health

You may want to work with a dietitian to:

  • lose or gain weight: This may include helping you with meal planning, grocery shopping, food journaling and healthful recipe ideas.
  • set goals to improve your health: Dietitians can help to give you the tools to achieve your health goals.
  • manage a chronic disease: This may include eating right for a disease such as diabetes or high blood pressure.
  • learn about food allergies: Dietitians can teach you how to read a food label so you can avoid eating foods you need to avoid. He or she can also help you understand why certain foods harm your body when you have a food allergy.

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Source: Allina Health's Patient Education Department
Reviewed by: Shirley Winslett, dietitian at Owatonna Hospital

First published: 9/18/2013
Last reviewed: 9/18/2013