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Hand therapy services

Whether you’re working, playing or taking part in everyday activities, you rely heavily on your hands. If pain or injury is limiting mobility anywhere in your arm or hand, talk to us. We’ll listen to your concerns, evaluate your condition and provide treatment to help you regain range of motion.

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Injury, accident or disease can affect the use of your hand or arm. Specialized rehabilitation can minimize pain and swelling, restore joint motion and decrease sensitivity in the affected areas. A highly trained, certified hand therapist will work with you to design a therapy program that meets your individual needs and is focused on your recovery goals.

What to expect from hand therapy services

You will receive a thorough evaluation of range of motion, strength, sensibility, swelling, dexterity and the functioning of your hand. We’ll provide you with an individualized treatment plan, access to specialized services and education to reduce your risk of re-injury. We also can be involved in any return-to-work issues.

Occupational therapy helps restore your range of motion and physical movement in your hand and arm, and helps to regain independence by showing you how to modify a task or the environment, allowing you to perform everyday tasks.

More about hand therapy services

Hand rehabilitation therapies also see patients in the Work Injury Program and Performing Arts Medicine Clinic.

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