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Phillips Eye Institute

A department of Abbott Northwestern Hospital

Phillips Eye Institute is dedicated to the treatment of eye diseases and disorders. Our credentialed ophthalmologists offer an extensive array of specialty services.

The Phillips Eye Institute Pharmacy

The Phillips Eye Institute Pharmacy services, which include specialty compounded prescriptions for eye treatments, have relocated to the Heart Hospital Pharmacy on the Abbott Northwestern Hospital campus at 920 E 28th St, Minneapolis. Specialty ophthalmology medications are available for both postoperative patients and in our retail pharmacies. 

About Phillips Eye Institute

Phillips Eye Institute - a department of Abbott Northwestern Hospital has the equipment, technology, physicians and staff to address all types of eye health issues. Whether it’s a routine procedure or monitoring a complex disorder, Phillips Eye Institute is here to ensure patients receive the right care at the right time. 

Our history

Phillips Eye Institute - a department of Abbott Northwestern Hospital was the vision of many people, designed to function as a freestanding eye specialty center associated with Mount Sinai Medical Center. It was developed by and for ophthalmologists. The dream of creating this unique facility was realized because of the persistence, determination and resourcefulness of a large group of people.  

Jay Phillips was the main benefactor of Mount Sinai Hospital and a strong supporter of Mount Sinai's Division of Ophthalmology. Because of his generous philanthropic support, Phillips Eye Institute bears his name.


Donations help Phillips Eye Institute continue to perform its mission of eye care.

To donate, go to our donation site and select "Phillips Eye Institute General Fund" in the Give To dropdown box.