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Adolescent afterschool mental health program

An afterschool program for teens to manage mental health concerns and improve resilience both at home and in school.

When your teen needs mental health services, our adolescent afterschool program is here to help.

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Our program meets for three hours, three times weekly after school, and is for teenage youth, 13-17 years old.

Each three-hour program includes:

  • Group therapy:  One hour of a psychotherapeutic group led by a licensed mental health professional.
  • Skills-based group therapy:  Participants will learn proven methods for managing symptoms and conditions.

Expected outcomes are:

  • continued recovery
  • new skills to prevent anxiety and depression
  • improved resilience to manage day-to-day experiences, life and school

Your family will participate in some sessions, with topics such as:

  • building trust in the family relationship
  • fun family activities
  • engaging in healthy communications
  • dealing with social media

How the program helps

Our teen mental health services and afterschool program helps address:

  • depression
  • anxiety disorders
  • self-defeating behavior
  • self harming behavior  
  • mood dysregulation
  • anger issues and anger management
  • peer relationship issues
  • family conflict

What to expect from the program

  • Teenagers typically participate in the program for six to eight weeks.
  • An intake meeting with a mental health professional is required for admission to ensure participants will benefit from the group, and are willing and able to participate. Intakes are done by appointment.
  • Parents or legal guardians can call directly to schedule an intake meeting. A referral from a physician or other care provider is not required.

More information

  • Teenagers must be attending school in the community.
  • Parents are responsible for transportation to and from the program.
  • This program is an additional support to the adolescent’s ongoing mental health services, such as their individual therapist or provider.
  • Insurance coverage for the program may vary. Our team can help you check your coverage before starting the program.

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First published: 10/31/2019
Last reviewed: 10/31/2019