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Partial hospitalization program, teens

Intensive, outpatient mental health treatment for teens

When you need intensive treatment for a mental health condition, our outpatient adolescent partial hospitalization program can help.

Our two- to four-week outpatient mental health treatment program is directed by a psychiatrist in a group therapy setting. It can help prevent and reduce mental health hospitalization and support your teen so they can remain at home.

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Your teen will work with a psychiatrist who will:

  • assess the need for medications during the program
  • collaborate with current outpatient providers
  • determine psychological testing needs and further evaluation
  • evaluate your teen’s current medications
  • make additional recommendations for therapy

Group therapy

Our program offers group therapy to help your teen:

  • develop interpersonal effectiveness
  • experience success
  • improve conflict resolution skills
  • improve coping skills
  • improve family communication skills
  • increase emotion regulation
  • increase self-awareness.

Family involvement

Your family will participate in individual family sessions and a weekly multi-family therapy group addressing topics such as:

  • building trust in the family relationship
  • dealing with social media
  • engaging in healthy communications.

The program is good for treating

  • anxiety
  • attention disorders
  • mood disorders
  • self-injurious behavior
  • suicidal thoughts or suicidal behavior
  • thought disorders
  • trauma.

What you need

Admission and referrals

An intake meeting with a mental health professional is required. Intakes are done Monday through Friday by appointment. Call 1-866-603-0016. 

Patients who have participated in any Allina Health mental health inpatient program may be referred to this program by their physicians.

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Source: Allina Health Mental Health & Addiction Services