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Child and teen psychology

Child and teen psychology

About one in five adolescents experience a mental health issue early in their life time. In fact, many serious mental health issues begin before age 14. Early intervention, including psychological therapy, can help.

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Psychological treatment in the form of therapy with a licensed professional can help identify a mental health disorder and the best course of treatment.

What to expect from therapy

Therapy will differ based on your child’s age, diagnosis and individual needs. Younger children may be encouraged to play, draw or act out their feelings. Older children and teenagers may need help developing coping skills and recognizing when they need help.

Good to know about psychological care

Psychological care doesn’t include the prescription of medications, which can only be done by a psychiatrist. Psychological care helps people evaluate and resolve emotional difficulties through counseling. Professionals have master's or doctoral degrees and have finished supervised internships in a hospital or organized health setting.

Conditions treated

Psychologists work with parents, doctors, psychiatrists and social workers to help children or teens with:

  • attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
  • anxiety, depression and other mental or emotional concerns
  • addiction and substance abuse
  • sexual or gender identity issues

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First published: 12/3/2019
Last reviewed: 12/3/2019