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Anticoagulation therapy

At the clinic, you’ll get the blood tests you need to make sure your blood thinner medicine (Warfarin, Coumadin® or Jantoven®) is working properly. You’ll also get help managing your dosage and preventing problems before they occur.


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What it is

When you take a blood thinner, you know how important it is that your medicine works as well as it should. With anticoagulation/INR (international normalized ratio) therapy, you’ll gain the support you need – not just to make sure your medicine is working, but also to make sure you understand how things are going. You’ll also learn what you can do to manage your condition and enjoy life.

What to expect

You’ll get the blood tests you need to make sure your medicine is working properly.

If you need anticoagulation/INR therapy, you’re probably taking blood thinners (Warfarin, Coumadin® or Jantoven®) that help keep blood clots from forming. Once you start taking that medication, these blood tests will show how fast your blood clots. This tells us how to manage your dosage and prevent problems before they occur.

Good to know

Your health is unique, and that means that establishing and maintaining the right INR can be a delicate balance. You might need more appointments at first, or when there are changes in your health or routine. No matter what, you’ll get the support you need.

You’ll work with a doctor and a nurse who know you and your personal health situation. They’ll help you learn everything you need to know to make your medicine work for you.

Good for treating

  • heart disease
  • blood clots
  • pulmonary embolism
  • atrial fibrillation (irregular heart rhythm)


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