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Infectious disease

At Allina Health, our infectious disease providers are committed to your well-being, offering the highest‑quality care in the diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases. At the heart of this care is our personalized approach, extensive expertise and assurance that your care team is with you every step of the way. 

Infectious diseases are conditions caused by organisms (germs), such as viruses, bacteria, parasites or fungi. Organisms may be transmitted by: 

  • person-to-person contact (communicable or contagious disease)
  • consumption of contaminated water or food
  • contact with certain insects or animals (vector-borne disease)
  • exposure to organisms present within the environment

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Infectious disease care at Allina Health

At Allina Health, our team of highly skilled infectious disease providers diagnoses and treats a broad range of infectious diseases and illnesses. Many of our providers also have specialized expertise in preventive care, travel medicine and complex infections in immunocompromised patients.

What we treat

Our care team treats infectious diseases and illnesses such as: 

  • bloodstream infections (endocarditis, sepsis)
  • device-associated infections  
  • post-operative infections
  • prosthetic joint infections
  • head and neck infections
  • viral infections (HIV/AIDS, hepatitis B, hepatitis C)
  • urinary tract infections
  • intra-abdominal infections (including colitis)
  • infections associated with other conditions (cancer, transplants, immunocompromised)
  • travel-related infectious diseases
  • skin and soft tissue infections
  • osteomyelitis
  • tick-borne illnesses

How to connect

There are two ways to connect with our infectious disease team at Allina Health: (1) referral by your primary care provider or (2) self-referral. Please contact your primary care provider to determine if a referral is required to schedule your visit.

What to expect

During your initial visit, or consultation, our team will meet with you to discuss any diagnosis and talk about your treatment options.

You and your care team will work closely with your primary care provider to develop a treatment plan that meets your needs. From diagnosis and treatment to after care, your provider will be there with the expertise and quality care you need so you can focus on recovery and get back to what matters most to you in life.

Integrated infectious disease care at Allina Health

Your infectious disease provider may partner with other Allina Health specialists, when necessary, for conditions that may require additional specialized care. Examples include pain management or integrative (holistic) medicine at the Penny George® Institute for Health and Healing.

This integrated approach to your care gives you peace of mind that you are truly part of one connected team – a team that knows you, understands your medical needs and is there to address all your concerns as you receive care.

We also provide you with tools to be actively involved in your care. One way you can do that is through the Allina Health account, an online tool that lets you track appointments, review test results, access electronic records, communicate with your team and more.

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Reviewed by: Aric Frith, MBA, BSN, RN

First published: 8/1/2004
Last reviewed: 5/26/2023