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Adult rehabilitative mental health services (ARMHS)

Mental health services for people with physical disabilities and/or brain injuries

When you have a mental health condition along with a physical disability or brain injury, you may experience extra challenges. You may face barriers to living independently, staying active in the community and getting the physical rehabilitation results you want.

Our Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services is here to help you gain or regain skills to live better and feel better.

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An Adult Rehabilitative Mental Health Services specialist meets with you to help you set and achieve personal goals by building skills to:

  • access mental health services and community resources
  • access the community with confidence
  • develop healthy lifestyle practices
  • find and maintain housing
  • gain household management skills
  • improve communication skills
  • maintain a budget for personal finances
  • manage mental health symptoms
  • transition into community living
  • understand your mental health condition and available treatments
  • use transportation

What to expect ARMHS

  • You will meet in your home or another suitable location to provide skills training and support until your goals are met.
  • The time required for these appointments varies and typically decreases as your personal goals are achieved.

ARMHS treats

Mental health conditions that:

  • may come with a brain injury or other physical disability
  • affect independent living, involvement in the community or managing psychological well-being

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Source: Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute
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First published: 8/14/2018
Last reviewed: 8/9/2018