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Diabetes education program

Accredited by the American Diabetes Association

Whether you have just been told that you have diabetes, or you've had it for years, managing diabetes is possible.

When you partner with a certified diabetes educator you'll gain the knowledge, tools and support you need to manage your diabetes. And we'll be here to help you – every step of the way.

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Who are certified diabetes care and education specialists (CDCES)?

Certified diabetes care and education specialists (CDCES) are registered nurses and dietitians who coordinate care with your primary care provider and work on-on-one with you to help you take control of your diabetes.

During your one-on-one sessions, you may receive:

  • help with managing your medication
  • time to ask and get answers to all of your questions
  • review current technologies available to manage diabetes
  • direction on using your insulin pump
  • an evaluation of your current nutrition and recommendations for meal planning
  • assistance putting together a plan to reach your personal goals
  • recommendations for group classes and community resources

Who is this program for?

This program is for all people with diabetes and those at risk for developing the disease:

  • Type 1 diabetes  
  • Type 2 diabetes  
  • Gestational diabetes (diabetes during pregnancy)
  • Pre-existing diabetes during pregnancy

What to expect from the program

As part of the diabetes program your CDCES may recommend education classes and community resources in addition to one-on-one sessions.

Group classes

Knowledge is the best way to stay in control of managing this complex disease and there is a lot to learn. All classes are taught by CDCES and the cost of the classes are often covered by insurance plans:

  • Annual diabetes update education class
  • Diabetes basics education class series
  • Gestational diabetes education class

Join the online community

Connect with other people who have diabetes through the Living Well with Diabetes online community. It is a safe place to build a support system and get the encouragement you need to achieve the life you want to live.

For more details about classes or the online community, talk to your diabetes educator.

How Allina Health compares

We understand you want exceptional care and support to achieve your diabetes care goals, and it is important to us too. See how Allina Health compares to other Minnesota clinics at providing quality care and patient ratings for diabetes care.

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Source: Allina Health's Diabetes Education Program
Reviewed by: Luke Benedict, MD

First published: 4/10/2017
Last reviewed: 4/10/2017