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Integrative Oncology Care


At Allina Health, we are committed to providing the highest quality care for you as a whole person—not just treating your cancer, but also addressing your overall physical and mental wellness.  

Allina Health’s integrative oncology services (also known as “integrative medicine” or “complementary care”) is whole-person care that makes use of therapies, health care professionals and practices to help you experience optimal health and healing.

Whole person, integrative care starts with the understanding that health and healing also happen outside of medical care. It recognizes the importance of awareness and care of oneself. Studies show that integrative and manual therapies can help alleviate negative psychological symptoms, such as stress, anxiety and depression, as well as physiological symptoms from cancer treatment. 

We work with you to identify your preferences, values and goals in order to increase your sense of control, innate immunity and hope, as well as decrease inflammation and stress, to optimize your well-being and quality of life.

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Integrative oncology care at Allina Health

At the Allina Health Cancer Institute, you receive expert care that focuses on your overall physical and mental wellness. This care includes a wealth of integrative resources and services offered through the Penny George® Institute for Health and Healing, a nationally-recognized leader in integrative medicine that focuses on your whole being – mind, body and spirit.

What does this mean for you? It means your team of cancer care specialists is truly one team, seamlessly coordinated by a nurse navigator who will be your primary point of contact. It means your oncology experts focus on the treatment of cancer, while your integrative oncology provider and other integrative professionals concentrate on complementary treatments that support your overall well-being. It also means your entire team works together to share their expertise, continuously improve the care they provide and ensure that you receive treatment that is individualized to your specific needs.  

We also want you to be involved in your care. One way you can take charge of your care is through the Allina Health account, an online tool that lets you track your appointments, review your test results and more. 

Integrative medicine options

An integrative medicine consultation is the first step in the process of finding the integrative resources and options that meet your unique needs. Working together with your integrative medicine provider, you have personalized, expert guidance every step of the way to help you find the right care options based on your personal goals, preferences and values. 

Examples of integrative oncology resources and services offered include:

A complete list of resources and services can be found at the Penny George® Institute for Health and Healing website.

Insurance coverage for integrative oncology services

Contact your insurer to find out which integrative services may be covered by your insurance plan. 

If desired services are not covered, you can decide to prompt-pay. This means you can pay for services in full during the check-in process, and the amount charged is a discounted rate available to anyone who can prompt-pay on the day of service. The prompt-pay option is only available on the date of service. If payment is submitted to insurance and the claim is denied or applied to an annual deductible, you will be responsible for the full fee for service amount.

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