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Substance use disorder assessment for teens

Substance use disorder assessment for teens

If you suspect that your adolescent may have a substance use disorder, Allina Health offers programs that can help. A substance use disorder comprehensive assessment (formerly known as Rule 25) is necessary to qualify for a programs. Through this assessment, our referral specialist can help select the treatment option that best suits the needs of your teen.

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What is a substance use disorder assessment for teens?

When you come to Allina Health for an assessment, you will be met by a clinical addiction expert who will conduct a thorough evaluation and assessment. Though this assessment, we can identify the extent of the problem, and based on the findings, recommendations and arrangements for care will be made. The assessment may include:

  • Drug Screens
  • Consultation with the patient and family members
  • Formal questionnaires about drug or alcohol use
  • A mental health screening

How does the assessment help?

An assessment will help you identify programs that can help your adolescent recover. Assessments are conducted on adolescents who are seeking addiction treatment services, or who are referred by law enforcement, the courts or an employer for a chemical assessment.

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First published: 11/15/2019
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