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Substance use disorder assessments

A comprehensive assessment for substance use

A substance use disorder assessment is an important first step toward a diagnosis and recovery. An assessment is required to qualify for addiction care. Allina Health offers personalized programs and compassionate support in a welcoming environment.

The assessment helps our licensed alcohol and drug counselors find the best treatment options for your needs, values and the severity of your diagnosis. 

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Who qualifies?

We perform substance use assessments for adults and adolescents ages 13 and older. We support people who are seeking addiction treatment services or who may be referred by law enforcement, social service workers, the courts or an employer.

What to expect

A substance use disorder assessment will help us identify the best treatments to support your recovery.   

Your assessment may include:

  • Consultation: You’ll share personal details, medical history and past substance use history.
  • Physical exam: The exam may include checking your vital signs, blood tests and other tests to understand how substance use affects your body.
  • Mental health exam: A licensed alcohol and drug counselor will look for symptoms of depression, anxiety and other related conditions.
  • Social and environmental assessment: You’ll talk about your living situation, relationships, support system and how your everyday surroundings may impact your recovery.
  • Risk assessment: This involves identifying any potential risks or threats to your safety or well-being, including suicidal thoughts, self-harm tendencies or risk of harm from others.
  • A recovery plan: We’ll work closely with you to create a personalized treatment plan based on the results of your substance use disorder assessment. Your recovery plan may include developing new coping skills, group discussions, individual counseling and other techniques to keep your recovery on track. 

Health insurance and costs

We’ll work with your insurance provider and connect you with resources to understand any out-of-pocket costs that will be your responsibility to pay. 

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First published: 12/2/2019
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