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Assistive technology

Technology to help you maximize your independence

Whether you are interested in computer access, a memory aide or an adapted toy for your child, we can help.

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About assistive technology

Assistive technology includes all types of accommodations including:

  • like memory books and planners for simple medications
  • like splints, writing aids and reachers
  • like voice recognition, eye gaze and smartpens

The staff who will help you with your assistive technology include occupational therapists, speech therapists, assistive technology practitioners (ATP) and a certified registered ergonomist (CRE).


What to expect from assistive technology

Assessment and training

You’ll find assistive technology at many of our Courage Kenny locations. However, specialized services may require you to visit our Golden Valley campus for an assessment. Some of the areas of assessment include:

  • augmentative and alternative communication
  • cognitive adaptations
  • computer/tablet/iPad/smartphone use
  • environmental controls and electronic aids to daily living (EADLS)
  • ergonomics
  • independent living skills
  • low vision tools
  • mounts and switches
  • school and work
  • telephone access.

Consultation and training

If you don’t know what technology is possible or how to get what you need, you can ask us. We are experts at designing special technology for people with disabilities.

We can assess your skills and aptitudes to enter the workforce, attend college or live independently. Your interests help us figure out whether a computer or similar device is needed.

Assistive technology training will give you opportunities to maximize your home, school and work life.

Augmentative and alternative communication

Communication doesn’t come easily for everyone. We have communication options to help. They range from low-tech paper and pencil systems, to state-of-the-art speech-generating devices. You can test any of them before you make a decision about which one you want.

Once you get a communication device, you will receive training and programming to make sure that you get the maximum use from your device.

Home environmental controls display

You will find a lab on the second floor of our Golden Valley campus where we can show you home environmental controls. The adapted display shows six different rooms: a bedroom, office, recreation room, kitchen, bathroom and universal home control for appliances. There, you’ll have a real-life opportunity to test and evaluate options for technology in your home. They might include scanning with a switch, touch controls and voice activation.

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There are many payment options available for many assistive technology services. They include:

  • AXIS Healthcare
  • medical insurance
  • Medicaid waivers
  • other insurance policies
  • school districts
  • self-pay
  • State of Minnesota Vocational Rehabilitation Services
  • workers’ compensation

Helpful resources

Be a Ham Radio operator

As part of our assistive technology offerings, you can also get you started with ham radio studies. Learn more.

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First published: 10/1/2018
Last reviewed: 8/1/2018