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Community and workplace wellness

When your employees or community members need to boost their well-being, we're here to help by focusing on their whole-being—mind, body, spirit and community. 

We listen to and partner with you to offer customized recommendations to address the most pressing health needs of your organization or group.

Your employees or community members will gain:

  • a better understanding of their health risks and how to lower them
  • effective services to manage stress, lose weight, eat better, manage chronic pain, and more
  • access to holistic services, such as acupuncture, exercise consultations and Mindfulness Training

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Health screenings

  • Help your employees or members learn about their risk for chronic, preventable illnesses, like diabetes, heart disease and hypertension.
  • Support your employees or members in living healthier lives by working one-on-one with our experts.
  • Give your organization baseline data to help shape a corporate wellness program.

Health screening services include:

  • blood pressure
  • blood tests for common health issues like diabetes, heart disease, and prostate cancer
  • height, weight and body mass index calculations
  • finger stick cholesterol lipid testing for quick, on-site results
  • venipuncture cholesterol lipid testing with results in seven to 10 days for a more complete picture of health
  • health risk assessments on physical, mental and emotional well-being

On-site fitness and lifestyle evaluations

  • Give employees or members an opportunity to have one-on-one consultations with an exercise specialist to help them start an exercise plan or check their progress towards fitness goals.
  • Help them  learn about the importance of physical activity.
  • Give them information to ensure a have a safe, effective and enjoyable exercise program.
  • Support them in setting realistic goals, charting progress and being rewarded for success.

Fitness and lifestyle evaluation services include:

  • individual consultations with an exercise specialist to start a fitness plan or track progress towards fitness goals
  • cardiovascular fitness assessments to establish ideal aerobic exercise levels and heart rate ranges
  • strength, flexibility, body fat and muscular endurance tests
  • lab work including total cholesterol and glucose testing to determine health risks related to coronary heart disease or diabetes

Classes and education

  • Learn from our experts, including integrative medicine doctors, nurses, exercise physiologists, nutritionists, and health and wellness coaches.
  • Choose classes that focus on popular topics like stress management, healthy eating, diabetes, exercise and fitness, weight management and motivational strategies.
  • Offer your employees or community members in-person lunch and learns that are 30 to 60 minutes in length, on topics ranging from Activity for Every Body to Meditation Basics to Nutrition to Boost Your ImmunitySee a full list of classes.

In-depth healthy lifestyle programs and classes

  • Get support for employees and community members in making meaningful, long-term changes to manage stress, lose weight, quit tobacco and more.
  • Tailor the session for your workplace or group.
  • Offer your employees or community members programs like Mindfulness Training, Am I Hungry?®Mindful Eating Workshop, Take Action Program for Weight Management®  and Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching. See more in-depth lifestyle programs and classes details.