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Healthy lifestyle programs and classes

The Penny George Institute for Health and Healing's community and workplace wellness program offers your employees or community members in-depth healthy lifestyle programs and classes to help people making meaningful, long-term changes to manage stress, lose weight and more. For more information, call 612-863-4355 or email

We can tailor the following programs for your workplace or group:

  • Mindfulness Training: Learn to stabilize the mind, manage stress, increase resilience and achieve a higher state of well-being through mindfulness practices such as meditation and yoga.
  • Am I Hungry?® Mindful Eating Workshop: This eight-week program helps participants learn to eat what they love, and love what they eat without counting calories, using a points system or choosing from a list of "good" foods.
  • Take Action Program for Weight Management®: This highly successful, 12-week program helps people lose weight and keep it off. It includes a personalized fitness profile and exercise training session, a nutrition consultation, and an integrative health and wellness coaching session. Group sessions cover topics including nutrition, fitness, and wellness coaching.
  • Integrative Health and Wellness Coaching: Coaching offers a way to succeed in making lifestyle changes, managing stress, eating healthy, being active, sleeping well and staying motivated. Participants work with a coach to identify barriers to achieving health goals, discover personal motivation strategies, create a personalized plan, and develop self-motivation, confidence, awareness and resilience skills. Sessions can be delivered in person or over the phone, and individually or in a group.

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For more information, call 612-863-4355 or email

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