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Health maintenance exam

Adult physical exam

Your health is your most important asset. That's why we recommend regular physical exams for adults.

At your visit, you'll meet with your care provider to ensure you're up-to-date on health screenings, identify risks for future health concerns, review your medicines, and set wellness goals.

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What is a health maintenance exam?

You'll work with your provider to:

  • get health screenings based on your age, gender, family history and other risk factors
  • review your medical history, medicines, allergies and immunizations
  • have a check-up including blood pressure, pulse, height and weight

Adult physical exams for women may also include a pap smear, and a pelvic and breast health exam, as appropriate.

More about your health maintenance exam

It is a good idea to call your health insurance provider before your appointment to find out what services will and won't be covered.

We are legally required to submit a bill to your insurance company that includes all the services you received at a visit. Along with the preventative exam, we will need to separately bill you for additional services such as:

  • new health concerns like a cold, cough, upset stomach or warts
  • evaluation of a pre-existing health condition already identified before the appointment
  • a new treatment plan established for your health and safety

Medicare covers two types of physical exams – one when you're new to Medicare and one each year after that. For details, go to or call 1-800-MEDICARE (1-800-633-4227).

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Reviewed by: Scott Kammer, MD

First published: 3/7/2017
Last reviewed: 12/9/2016