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Parkinson’s and movement disorders treatment


If you or a loved one have Parkinson’s disease or any type of movement disorder, we're here to help. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute, part of Allina Health, offers comprehensive rehabilitation services to help you improve function and gain as much independence as possible. Our goal is to partner with all people to live, work and play to their full potential. 

A Parkinson's patient undergoing treatment
Partnering with you toward your recovery

Our coordinated care team of experts provides comprehensive, expert treatment and helps you understand your diagnosis, providing treatment options throughout your health journey and follow-up care. Care is tailored to meet your individual goals to optimize recovery and well-being.

a Parkinson's Disease therapy session

Outpatient therapy services can assist a patient in physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech and language pathology. Services are available to assist an individual with issues such as projection or volume of one’s voice, swallowing or dysphagia, movement issues, balance and gait training, assistance with activities of daily living and more.

Our team of specialists also have advanced training in many therapy programs.

Community services

A wide range of community services are available to help you get back to living, working and playing as independently as possible.

These include: