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Oncology counseling

Counseling for people with cancer and their loved ones

Oncology counseling helps you cope with the many different feelings you and your loved ones may experience during a cancer diagnosis and treatment.


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What it is

Oncology counseling services are provided by licensed, independent clinical social workers with specialized training in cancer care.

Oncology counseling can address:

  • increased symptoms of depression and anxiety
  • adjusting to physical and body image changes
  • managing changing relationships and roles
  • parenting concerns
  • coping with uncertainty
  • learning new techniques to address overall distress

Good to know

You may be referred to oncology counseling by a care coordinator, doctor or any other member of your care team. You can also self-refer and request oncology counseling services if you’re struggling with changing or increased emotions.

What to expect

Oncology counseling provides brief therapy that typically lasts between six and 12 sessions, utilizing a variety of therapeutic treatment models.

Your first session will be a mental health intake to help your counselor gather important information about you. During the second session, you and your counselor will develop a plan to address your needs and set goals to measure your successes.

Additional sessions will be focused on working toward your goals and feeling your emotional best.

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Source: Allina Health Cancer Care Services
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First published: 5/23/2019
Last reviewed: 5/23/2019