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If pain, fatigue or an injury are hurting your golf game, you may benefit from Golfsmart. Our physical therapists will work with you to determine what's causing the problem - be it inappropriate equipment, a lack of mobility or strength, an injury, surgery, a faulty golf swing or something else. We'll help you address what's wrong and prevent future injuries. Our aim is to help you achieve your golf goals.

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What is GolfSMART?

GolfSMART is an outpatient therapy assessment that lasts about an hour. You'll work with a physical therapist with special training in conducting a physical assessment of your body and your golf swing.

The assessment evaluates your:

  • posture
  • mobility
  • stability
  • strength

Your physical therapist reviews your results and recommends a treatment plan that may include:

  • hands-on manual therapy for mobility deficits
  • golf-specific exercises for mobility and strength
  • golf swing video analysis
  • a consultation with a PGA professional

Good to know

Your health insurance plan will determine whether or not a medical prescription is required.

GolfSMART is good for treating

People who experience pain or fatigue while golfing.

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Source: Bradley Zasada, PT, MPT, CGFI-MP3

First published: 4/18/2017
Last reviewed: 4/14/2017