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Injury assessment

Are aches and pains making you hold off physical activity? An injury assessment may be all you need to get moving again.

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Do you need an injury assessment?

Whether they’re from an old injury or something new, your aches or pains may bring many questions to mind.

  • How serious is it?
  • Will it heal on its own?
  • Will exercise make it worse?

A one-on-one injury assessment will answer your questions.

Our experts can help you make a safe transition back to the activities you love, whether it’s training for a marathon or tackling the garden.

What to expect during your injury assessment

You’ll meet with a physical therapist who will ask you about your medical history and your health goals. He or she will also perform some minor physical assessments.

More about your injury assessment

  • Wear comfortable clothing to your appointment.
  • This does not replace a conventional physical therapy visit and cannot be billed to insurance.
  • The cost is is $35 per half hour.

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Source: Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
Reviewed by: Sue Masmer, MS

First published: 3/7/2017
Last reviewed: 8/4/2021