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Community behavioral health services (positive support services)

Community-based behavioral services to help you achieve and maintain independence.

For a variety of reasons, you or your loved one may experience difficulties with behavioral issues. Problems with decision making, social skills, getting frustrated easily and other behaviors may make you struggle to have positive interactions with others. We're here to provide you with the structure, support and services you need to address any behaviors that may be interfering with your ability to live successfully in the community.

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Purpose of community behavioral health services

Community Behavioral Health Services (Positive Support Services) are designed to address behavioral issues that may affect you or your loved one's ability to be independent and maintain your independence. A licensed behavioral professional will evaluate your behaviors and develop a plan to get you functioning at your best.

The goal is to provide you, and those around you, with tools to:

  • live successfully in the community
  • control outbursts
  • increase socialization skills
  • increase participation and responsibility for self
  • improve focus and productivity
  • improve response to rehabilitation goals
  • improve interpersonal skills.

What to expect from our services

When you use community behavioral health services, you can expect:

  • support from a team that specializes in providing mental health and behavioral services
  • functional and comprehensive assessment of behavioral issues by a licensed professional
  • development and implementation of individualized behavioral treatment plans
  • regular meetings—usually weekly—with your behavioral analyst and team members in a community setting where the behavior occurs
  • training regarding behavioral issues and strategies for you and your family members or care staff
  • introduction of specific reinforcement-based behavioral programs
  • recommendations which may include changes to your physical environment, establishing structure or routine, and consistency across environments.

Allina Health offers a variety of other related services to help you on your journey to independence. Your behavioral team can help you choose the services that are right for you. Some of these include:

Waiver case managers: If you would like access to our full policies and procedures, per 245D licensure requirements, please email and we can provide access.

More about our services

This service is available to adults and children in the Twin Cities metro area.

Services are provided in the Twin Cities metro area, typically in your home or another community location. For more information, call 612-775-2215.

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