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Whether you’re just learning to ride bike or you’ve been on the road for years, CycleSMART can help you ride more effectively.

How you sit on a bike and your core strength and posture can all play a role in your risk for cycling injuries. CycleSMART therapists help you address your limitations and improve pain that can come with frequent cycling.

The “SMART” in our name stands for "Skilled Movement and Rehabilitation Team." Our physical therapists have special training in preventing and treating cycling-related injuries.

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About CycleSMART

CycleSMART is designed to help you prevent and rehabilitate injuries that can happen with frequent cycling.

Conditions treated

We can help you with common cycling pain or injuries including:

  • back pain
  • foot pain and numbness
  • neck pain
  • hand pain and numbness
  • knee pain
  • shoulder pain

What to expect from your visit

Your first appointment will be a 90-minute session with a physical therapist who is trained in treating cyclists. The therapist will review your cycling history and current complaints on and off the bike.

Biomechanical and physical (musculoskeletal) evaluations

During a CycleSMART evaluation, your position on the bike and your pedal stroke will be assessed using video analysis if necessary.

Your therapist will also perform a complete musculoskeletal evaluation to identify any of your physical limitations or weaknesses that could cause you pain while cycling.

Combining the physical examination and the biomechanical assessment leads to an individualized set of exercises that can help you achieve pain-free cycling. This assessment is not a bike fitting. If you are seeking a bike fitting, please contact your local bike shop.

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Referral and payment

Therapy services are typically billed to your insurance company. Please contact your insurance company regarding your therapy benefit and obtain a medical referral if required by your plan.

Retail services for biomechanical assessment are not billable to your insurance. Payment for these services is collected in full at the time of the visit:

  • musculoskeletal evaluation
  • video analysis, as indicated, per individual assessment by therapist
  • education on appropriate exercises to improve the cyclist's position.

Cost: $150

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