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Allergy shots

If you suffer from allergies, allergy shots may be an option to help reduce your symptoms.


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What it is

An allergy shot is a medicine that contains a small amount of substance that triggers your allergic reaction (allergen) that is injected into your body.

When the allergen is injected into your body, it creates a form of desensitization and alters your immune system's tolerance to the allergen. Allergens in the shots are tailored to yours specific allergies.

What to expect

You should experience improvements to some or all of your symptoms caused by allergens within six to 12 months. Improvement can be permanent after a course of three to five years.

Allergy shots are only one part of an allergy treatment plan. Your provider may also ask you to take allergy medicines and reduce your exposure to allergens.

Good for treating

  • dust mite allergens
  • grass allergens
  • insect sting allergens
  • mold or fungus allergens
  • weed and tree pollen allergens

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Reviewed by: Kenneth Johns, MD

First published:
Last reviewed: 2/16/2017