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Mental health consultant services


A full schedule can make it challenging to get the help you need when you’re ready. The best time to consider mental health support is before you’re overwhelmed with depression, anxiety, addiction or other mental health concerns.  

Your mental health consultant makes it easier to get the best possible care for your routine, health needs and wellness goals.  

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What happens during a mental health consultant visit?

The purpose of a mental health consultation is to prevent and treat mental health challenges by exploring the best care options and resources for you.

  • You will talk with a mental health consultant, a licensed clinical social worker offering therapy and immediate access to mental health care at Allina Health Primary Care clinics. Your consultant will ask questions to ensure you get the right care.  
  • You will complete a brief assessment to customize your mental health care plan and resource needs.  
  • You may get a referral to a mental health care provider to address your unique needs.  

Your mental health consultant does not prescribe medications, complete court-ordered care or sign documents. Consultants do not sign documents for emotional support animals, leave of absences, and other related accommodations.  

Mental health care for all ages

No matter your age, our mental health consultants are here for you. Our in-person visits are a good option for resources, solution-focused therapy and assessing your ongoing mental health care needs. Children and adolescents ages 17 and younger require parental or guardian consent to visit with a mental health consultant.

When to consider a mental health consultation

Talk with a mental health consultant if you are currently experiencing any of the following, but not limited to: 

  • sadness or irritability 
  • confusion 
  • excessive fear, worry, anxiety or guilt 
  • extreme or frequent mood swings 
  • loneliness, not feeling like being with friends, family or completing your activities 
  • changes in sleeping habits or feeling tired and low energy 
  • difficulties managing everyday stress 
  • alcohol or drug use impacting daily life 
  • suicidal thoughts. 

If you are experiencing a medical or mental health emergency, call 911 or visit the nearest Emergency Department. 

Insurance and pricing

Many of our primary care clinics offer mental health consultations and most health insurance plans will cover your visit.  

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