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Calcium scoring heart scan

Calcium scoring heart scan

Standard stress tests can't detect calcium deposits in your blood vessels until the narrowing is at least 50 percent. A calcium score heart scan can find calcium deposits sooner and gives you an inside view of your heart's health  and a personalized calcium score.


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What it is

Commonly called a heart scan, a cardiac calcium score is a noninvasive way of using X-ray technology with a computed tomography (CT) scanner to determine the amount of calcified plaque in the arteries of your heart. Calcium build-up is a sign of coronary artery disease (CAD).


Good to know

The scan gives you a number called an Agatston score. Zero means the test didn’t find any calcium. The higher the number, the more important it is for you and your doctor to come up with a plan to protect your heart. 

Your doctor may get your results the same day of the test, but it can take longer.

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Source: Allina Health Medical Imaging
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First published: 8/12/2019
Last reviewed: 8/12/2019