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Home health for mother and newborn

Expert care that comes to you when you need extra medical care during and following your pregnancy.

Serving women both during pregnancy and after childbirth, we’re one of the largest obstetrical home care agencies in the United States. We serve the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area.  

Our nurses have at least five years of experience working in obstetrics. All have worked in hospitals, caring for moms and their babies during pregnancy and after childbirth. 

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Home health during pregnancy (antepartum)

Some mothers need extra medical care during pregnancy in addition to their clinic visits. Depending on the situation and needs, many patients benefit from having an Allina Health Home Health - Mother and Newborn nurse provide care in their homes. 

Visits are typically once or twice a week but can be daily if needed. Your family and others in your support system are welcome to be part of each visit. These visits address concerns like fetal monitoring, nausea and vomiting treatment, preterm labor prevention, high blood pressure management and treatment for diabetes during pregnancy. 

During pregnancy services 

The nurse will take vital signs for you and your unborn baby and review the doctor's plan of care and instructions. 

Their skilled care can also include: 

  • Non-stress tests hear the baby's heartbeat via a fetal Doppler monitor. 
  • IV fluids, medicine and pharmacy consultations if you continue to experience nausea and vomiting after the initial treatment. The nurse also can teach you how to manage severe nausea and vomiting. 

Preterm labor care 

Contact your health care provider right away if you have symptoms of preterm labor.  

Your nurse can: 

  • monitor contractions during home visits 
  • give weekly 17P injections to help prevent preterm delivery 
  • teach you about preterm labor and when to call your doctor 
  • coordinate care with your health care team 

If you develop high blood pressure during pregnancy, the nurse will monitor your blood pressure, offer guidance and answer questions. 

If you develop gestational diabetes, the nurse will teach you how your diet affects blood sugar and show you how to use insulin. 

Home health after childbirth (postpartum)

Allina Health Home Health - Mother and Newborn coordinates a nursing visit to a new mom's home, usually within a few days of leaving the hospital. The goal is to check on the mom's and baby's health, answer questions about health concerns or infant care, and, if needed, arrange ongoing support through community services.  

Information about a home care visit is typically given to new moms while they are still in the hospital. If a visit is ordered, an Allina Health Home Health - Mother and Newborn nurse will call you to schedule a visit. 

During a typical postpartum visit, a registered nurse: 

  • assesses the health of the mom and baby 
  • answers questions and gives support about breast- or bottle-feeding 
  • checks the newborn's weight, assesses feeding and removes the cord clamp 
  • performs any lab services as ordered by your physician, including checking bilirubin level if the baby appears jaundiced 

Newborns with jaundice may need light therapy, also called phototherapy, that helps them eliminate build-up of bilirubin. We’ll coordinate the delivery of phototherapy equipment and provide nursing services with the family's clinic care team. 

Nurses visiting moms who had a Cesarean birth, and needing wound care, will: 

  • check the incision area and change the bandages 
  • educate you about wound care 
  • answer any questions 

Health insurance coverage and costs

Many moms and newborns qualify for one home health visit at no additional cost when they leave the hospital within: 

  • 48 hours following a vaginal birth 
  • 96 hours following a Cesarean birth

While many home health services for mothers and newborns are covered by insurance, coverage varies by health plan.  

Contact your insurance provider to learn which home care services are covered by your plan. If you have questions about any of these services, call our office at 612-863-4478. 

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