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Virtual addiction therapy

Virtual addiction therapy is a convenient way to access expert care and support on your path to recovery.

If you’re facing addiction, you aren’t alone. Take the first step toward feeling better from the comfort of home. Call 507-217-5168 to request a virtual addiction therapy appointment.

Need support now? If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 to reach the national Suicide & Crisis Lifeline or chat at

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Rediscover a happier you on your terms

Virtual addiction therapy gives you convenient access to the same level of high-quality care you’d expect in person with flexible options for your schedule.

Like in-person care, virtual addiction therapy is a safe space. Many people feel more comfortable opening up to therapists from home in their own environment.

We offer personalized care from licensed experts specializing in mental health and addiction therapy. You'll also have access to peer recovery support and medication-assisted treatment (MAT) during your recovery journey.   

  • Addiction therapy specialists help diagnose, treat and manage substance use disorders. They partner with you to create a recovery plan for your unique needs.

    Virtual addiction therapy includes individual and optional group sessions with a therapist dually licensed in both mental health and addiction. Individual sessions last 45 minutes and are available up to three times a week.

    Optional 90-minute group sessions are available up to three days a week.
  • Certified peer recovery support specialists provide education, social support, advocacy and mentoring. Peer recovery specialists are certified through the Minnesota Certification Board.

How to qualify for virtual addiction therapy

You’ll complete a substance use disorder assessment to qualify for virtual addiction care. You’ll answer a few questions to help your referral specialist understand the extent of your addiction and find the best treatments for your needs.

Virtual addiction therapy might be right for you if you: 

  • feel like drinking or drug use gets in the way of living your life
  • are looking for a therapist who understands addiction
  • can’t attend traditional outpatient substance use treatment services that meet in person 12 or more hours per week
  • want access to addiction treatment virtually
  • want to cut down or quit substance use using evidence-based therapeutic interventions
  • have tried other recovery programs and are looking for something different

How to get started

Use a computer or a mobile device with a camera and an internet connection.

If you live with others, find a private space where you can open up and get the most out of your virtual addiction therapy. 

Start your appointment by clicking the appointment link in your Allina Health account. A patient access representative can help you with any technical issues and help ensure you have the best experience possible. 

Addiction therapy for the whole you

Our compassionate experts get to know you as a person and value what’s most important to you. As one of the largest health systems in the region, Allina Health gives you the resources to treat your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

Insurance coverage and costs

Most health insurance policies cover addiction services. We’ll help you get approved during your admission process.