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Inpatient addiction treatment

We’re glad you’re here. Starting inpatient addiction treatment is an important step toward a healthier tomorrow. 

Inpatient addiction treatment gives you 24/7 nursing and medical care, including detoxification and medical and psychiatric stabilization—all in one care system. You’ll also get counseling, addiction psychiatry and education that’s supported by scientific data. 

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What to expect

Our specialized care team focuses on addiction treatment for alcohol and drugs and is a licensed opioid treatment program. Our inpatient addiction medicine unit offers programming up to 40 hours a week. The program lasts up to 28 days, with an average stay of 10 days. 

 You can also expect: 

  • Assessment and multispecialty care from mental health and addiction experts based on your unique needs 
  • Monitored detoxification to help manage the physical effects of withdrawal and ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible  
  • One-on-one therapy with mental health professionals as needed 
  • A secured building for patient safety and confidentiality 

We'll help you create a personalized care plan to help you maintain sobriety after completing the treatment program. 

Group therapy

You’ll speak with others facing addiction in a welcoming environment. Discussions are led by a licensed alcohol and drug counselor.  

You’ll learn new coping skills and cover topics, such as:  

  • relapse prevention 
  • mindfulness 
  • mental and emotional health 
  • medication management 
  • nutrition 

Group therapy may include programming by speakers who share their personal experiences, strength, and hope. You can also participate in one-on-one spirituality therapy sessions and group discussions led by a chaplain. 

Addiction treatment for the whole you

Our program is one of the few in the U.S. that provides intensive care for patients facing addiction and psychiatric or other medical needs. We may collaborate with you and other specialists to help manage heart issues, diabetes, kidney disease or another health condition that can make substance use more dangerous. 

Admission and insurance information

To be admitted to the program, patients must have critical medical or psychiatric care needs and an addiction condition.  

We accept many health insurance plans and county funding for people without coverage.  

For referring providers 

Fax referrals to 763-236-4520 

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