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Opioid treatment program

Opioid Treatment Program

The goal of opioid treatment is to achieve recovery. The Opioid Treatment Program at Mercy Hospital – Unity Campus offers medication-assisted treatment to help manage withdrawal symptoms and cravings, often in the form of Suboxone and methadone. 

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About the Opioid Treatment Program

Allina Health started an Opioid Treatment Program (OTP) in 2018 to help address the opioid addiction and overdose epidemic affecting the communities we serve. Our inpatient hospital treatment program is licensed as an OTP.  

What to expect during opioid treatment

The typical length of stay is 10 days. We’ll coordinate your care with other medical and mental health specialists as needed. 

OTP patients participate in broader addiction programming for hospitalized patients, including: 

  • 24-hour nursing care and medical management for withdrawal symptoms 

  • skills-based group therapy 

  • group and individual therapy focused on mental health and chemical dependency 

  • education on topics such as mindfulness, trauma, medication management and nutrition 

  • spirituality sessions and pet, recreation and occupational therapy 

Patients will be connected to ongoing medication management in outpatient settings when leaving the hospital. Whether patients are hospitalized or getting outpatient treatment, we’ll connect them to experts who are licensed to prescribe drugs like Suboxone and methadone to help with withdrawal. 

Your care team

Your opioid treatment care team will help guide your path to recovery with compassionate support. You may work with an addiction medicine physician, an internal medicine physician, a psychiatrist, registered nurses, psychologists and licensed alcohol and drug counselors.  

How to qualify for opioid treatment

Before patients are admitted, they must complete a substance use disorder assessment through our program or in an outpatient or county setting. Call 763-236-4506 to learn more about the admission process. 

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First published: 12/4/2019
Last reviewed: 7/21/2023