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Relapse prevention, outpatient

Addiction relapse prevention

An outpatient program which uses motivational, behavioral and cognitive therapy focused on prevention of relapse for adults who struggle with addiction.

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What is relapse prevention?

Outpatient group therapy using motivational, behavioral and cognitive therapy to support your recovery from mental health and substance use.

What to expect from your sessions

Group sessions provide positive support, hope, encouragement and feedback from other group members. They give you the opportunity to process how your substance use disorder impacts your thoughts, feelings and behaviors.

Group session topics include:

  • coping with relapse
  • denial and projection
  • Hepatitis C & HIV/AIDS
  • post-acute withdrawal symptoms
  • problem solving negative emotional states
  • rationalization.

Topics are processed and applied to your everyday life, relationships and concerns.

More information

Most health insurance policies provide payment for addiction services. We will help you obtain authorizations during your admission process.

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Source: Allina Health Mental Health & Addiction Services
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