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Walking and gait technology

Innovative, advanced technology available from Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute helps you regain function, improve gait and walk after spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurologic conditions.

A range of innovative, robotic walking and therapy devices available at Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute. We offer high-tech solutions and a comprehensive range of technology to meet your individual needs.

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About Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute

Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute offers a range of innovative and robotic devices and technology to enable more people to walk after spinal cord injury, stroke and other neurological conditions. These devices offer high-tech solutions to meet your individual needs for rehabilitation, therapy and fitness. We also offer a range of technology and robotics for use with upper body, arm, core and wrist rehabilitation.

Some of our advanced technology and robotic walking devices include:

  • Lokomat and Lokomat Pediatric - these robotic assisted treadmills support you in an upright position while you move your legs through a normal walking pattern. Lokomat's gait training benefits people with more severe injuries sooner in their recovery. Some people who have had a stroke will have an increased ability to walk independently again.
  • Ekso GT - a wearable bionic suit that enables people with any amount of lower body weakness to walk. Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute is one of the first locations in the midwest to offer this robotic gait therapy technology
  • ReWalk 6.0 robotic exoskeleton - this is the first exoskeleton to be FDA-approved for home and community use. Our therapists can screen and train you to use this device prior to you making a purchase decision. We offer a monthly ReWalk screening and training session.
  • Vector Gait & Safety System from Bioness - This ceiling mounted, dynamic body weight support system continually offsets and maintains a constant percentage of your weight during movement. This allows you to walk, step up, kneel or lunge more naturally while being fully supported throughout the entire motion. This helps you relearn balancing responses while ensuring maximum safety.

Good to know

Health benefits include:

  • the ability to stand and walk with the assistance of leg braces
  • improved heart, bladder and bowel function
  • improved trunk and core support, posture and balance
  • reduced fatigue and pain
  • improved mental health and sleep
  • decreased reliance on caregiver

Call for more information. Our technology and therapy tools vary by location.

Conditions treated

  • cerebral palsy
  • neurological conditions
  • spinal cord injury
  • stroke

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First published: 4/23/2019
Last reviewed: 4/23/2019