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BodyGem™ resting metabolism test

Metabolism testing to help with healthy eating and lifestyle

How many calories should you eat and burn during exercise each day? If you’re trying to lose weight or maintain an ideal body fat ratio, this is important information to know.

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What is BodyGem?

The BodyGemresting metabolism test measures:

  • your resting metabolic rate
  • the number of calories your body burns each day at rest

Along with calculations of your activity levels, this helps determine your daily caloric needs.

What to expect from your BodyGem test

The BodyGemresting metabolism test takes about 10 to 15 minutes. It is not a blood test; so no blood samples are collected.

A licensed nutrition expert will ask you to breathe into a small device and review the results with you. You’ll discuss how to make the information part of your lifestyle.

For the most accurate results, please make sure you do the following 8 hours beforehand:

  • Fast (no food or liquid besides water).
  • Continue to take medications as usual.
  • Do not exercise.
  • Do not have coffee or nicotine.

More about BodyGem

This is a one-time test. You only come back if you would like to check your progress on your health goals.

Getting a BodyGem test can help you with

  • healthy eating/nutrition and healthy weight
  • weight loss or ideal body fat ratio maintenance
  • improved sports performance

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Source: Penny George Institute for Health and Healing
Reviewed by: Sue Masemer, MS

Last reviewed: 8/4/2021