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Pregnancy (prenatal) care

Whether you’re pregnant for the first time or adding to your family, you have started an amazing journey. We're here with expert pregnancy/obstetrics care to make sure you don’t go through it alone.

Beginnings, by Allina Health: a free pregnancy app

Receive weekly tips and progress updates on you and baby; use the interactive to-do list; explore pregnancy-related topics – all created by Allina Health experts. Apple Store and Google Play

Birth Compass, by Allina Health and Patient Wisdom

We want to do an even better job of listening, so we’re using Birth Compass to help us focus on what matters to you during your early pregnancy, delivery and after-delivery experiences. Birth Compass is an online communication tool that gives you the venue to communicate your preferences about how you wish to be addressed as well as how you envision your delivery and postnatal experience. Ask your provider about Birth Compass or log into your Allina Health account from any smartphone, tablet or computer. 

Pregnancy (prenatal) care at Allina Health

At Allina Health, we provide pregnancy care that is not only comprehensive but also supported by a range of experts. What does this mean to you? It means you can choose from different types of pregnancy care providers to find the best fit for you. These experts include obstetricians and gynecologists (OB/GYNs), certified nurse-midwives, family medicine physicians offering obstetric care and women’s health nurse practitioners. We also offer maternal-fetal medicine specialists for high-risk pregnancy care needs. 

Your unique needs will be our focus, and together, we’ll partner with you on your vision of pregnancy and childbirth.

Your Pregnancy 

During your pregnancy, you will probably see your doctor or midwife more often than before. Below is what routine pregnancy care may look like. Please note, your care will be customized to your care needs. 

Initial OB visit:  The first prenatal appointment is usually when you are 12 weeks pregnant. The timing and focus of prenatal visits will be designed to meet your specific care needs.

Second trimester (Months 4 to 6, Weeks 14 to 26):  During this trimester, you are likely to see your health care provider every month. At these visits you will be offered some screenings and tests, and possibly an ultrasound.

Third trimester (Months 7 to 9, Weeks 27 to 40+):  You will probably see your health care provider every other week until 38 weeks. After that you are likely to have weekly visits.

After childbirth/delivery (postpartum visit):  You will have a routine check-up appointment in the clinic approximately six weeks after you have delivered your baby.

Midwifery services: Your midwife will provide holistic care that focuses on helping your overall well-being, nutrition and healthy lifestyle, while supporting your emotional and physical wellness.

Home health for mother and newborn: Our home health nurses are available to provide additional care and support for you before and after the delivery of your baby.

Delivering your baby

Family-focused environments for delivering your baby. 

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