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Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the interior of an object. In its primary application of medical imaging, a fluoroscope allows a physician to see the internal structure and function of a patient so that the pumping action of the heart or the motion of swallowing, for example, can be watched.

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What to expect from a fluoroscopy

After Your Procedure

You will need to ask someone to help you check your skin in the area the procedure was done for 1 to 3 weeks after your procedure. You will need to watch for skin reddening or darkening (similar to a sunburn) or hair loss in that area. The area will appear as a circle or rectangle and will usually measure 3 to 5 inches. You may also have itching or pain in that area. Radiation skin burns behave differently than regular sunburns. It is important that you receive the right care early. This can reduce the side effects and symptoms of this condition.

When To Call

If you notice any skin changes, hair loss or both, please call the location selected below. Please tell the health care provider:   you recently had a procedure using fluoroscopy   you have a skin injury, hair loss, or both and you need to come in and be checked. The health care provider will ask you for more information about your symptoms and will give you instructions about what to do next.

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