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Workplace health and rehabilitation

Workplace rehabilitation services to remain and return-to-work

Customized services to help injured workers remain and return to work quickly and safely.

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Workplace health and rehabilitation at Allina Health

Customized services to help injured workers return to work quickly and safely. Our team also works with businesses to create healthy and safe work environments. Our services include:

  • WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Physical performance testing
  • Pre-placement screening
  • Work conditioning
  • On-site analysis and ergonomic assessment
  • On-site education

What to expect from workplace health and rehabilitation

WorkWell Functional Capacity Evaluation
a two-day assessment of your physical capabilities and your work-related capacities. Evaluations are customized based on your specific return-to-work guidelines and may include:

  • job-specific testing
  • fit-for-duty evaluation
  • upper extremity testing.

Results are summarized and recommendations given.

Physical performance testing

This two-hour assessment helps define whether you can return to work and at what capacity. Referrals are often from health care providers seeking input related to disability benefit eligibility. A formal report (R-33) based on testing results and recommendations is sent to the referring provider for signature.

Pre-placement screening

Job-simulated, objective measurements help determine a prospective employee’s physical abilities. These evaluations identify job-related essential criteria for safe, appropriate and effective job placement. Results are sent to the employer.

Work conditioning

Injured workers can return to work quickly and safely by progressing in a supervised program of work conditioning that includes:

  • simulated job activities with body mechanics
  • instruction
  • aerobic conditioning
  • flexibility
  • strengthening exercises.

Hours and days are depend on your conditioning needs and return-to-work goals. Staff members are available to meet for ongoing progress reports. Physical capacities forms and recommendations are provided upon completion.

On-site job analysis and ergonomic assessment

Our industrial rehabilitation specialist will identify and quantify physical demands, environmental concerns and essential job functions in an extensive report.

Solutions for preventing future injuries as well as suggestions for ergonomic equipment and modifications to employee workstations will be provided.

On-site education

Interactive, customized injury prevention classes on topics and activities for employees and managers. Examples include back injuries, office ergonomics and cumulative trauma disorders.

Classes include demonstrations and opportunities for you to practice safe postures and movements found in real-work environments. Follow-up services are available to assess effectiveness and address ongoing needs. 

Good to know

For all other services, or for more information, call 612-863-8937, unless another number is given in the locations listing.

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