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Occupational medicine

Expert care for workplace injuries or employee screening/testing, including pre-placement exams

We spend a lot of time at work — up to one-third of our lives — so it shouldn’t be surprising that our work directly impacts our health. Both the work environment and physical demands can create health-related concerns or injury.

Occupational medicine focuses on health concerns or injuries related to or caused by our work environment or job. Occupational medicine also provides employers with pre-employment screening/testing services (including pre-placement exams) and workplace wellness programs.

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Services provided

Occupational medicine physicians provide these services:

  • Workers compensation comprehensive injury care
  • Physical evaluations, such as pre-placement physicals and return to work/fitness for duty exams
  • Screenings, such as drug testing and audiometric testing

Occupational medicine covers

  • Injury that occurred at an individual’s workplace
  • Injury resulting from physical requirements of an individual’s job
  • Pre-employment screenings and tests

First published: 6/1/2018