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Occupational health exam

Our team of providers and nurses has years of experience helping employees and employers get to work and stay healthy. We offer pre-employment services, services to keep your employees healthy and services to help injured or ill employees back to work.

Fact sheet: Allina Health Occupational Health Services

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What is an occupational health exam?

An occupational health exam identifies medical or physical conditions that could affect your ability to do your job.

More and more companies require occupational health exams or pre-employment physicals before employees can start or return to their jobs.

What to expect from the exam

Before your first day of work, we'll help get your employer what they need and make sure you’re aware of medical conditions you may have.

When you come to the clinic, you’ll be asked for an updated family medical history.

Depending on your workplace or job, you may complete any of the following:

  • drug test (You may leave a urine sample or have your blood drawn.)
  • alcohol breath test
  • audiometric test of your hearing
  • vision test
  • spirometry to assess your lungs and breathing
  • lab and radiology services
  • back and neck evaluation, job simulation or other screenings

After your exam is complete, the occupational health provider will issue a report with your current health status. This may include recommendations for vaccinations, more blood tests or prescriptions.

Occupational health forms

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Source: Allina Health Occupational Health
Reviewed by: Philip Hoversten, MD

First published: 3/7/2017
Last reviewed: 3/7/2017