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Kidney transplant


A kidney transplant is an option for patients who are experiencing end-stage kidney (or renal) disease. The Kidney Transplantation program offers transplantations from both living and deceased donors.

Who we are

At Allina Health, our expert, kidney transplant care team includes a donor coordinator, recipient coordinators, nephrologists, surgeons, pharmacists, and many other staff members who are specially trained to care for transplant patients. 

To determine if a kidney transplant is the right option for you, we conduct a thorough review of your health history. This includes routine health screenings based on your age, gender and health history. You will also undergo specific testing for transplant eligibility. A coordinator will help guide you through the testing process.

Resources for kidney transplant donors and recipients

For more specific information about kidney transplant evaluation, kidney donor and receiving a kidney transplant we encourage you to review additional resources:

How to refer a patient

  • Patients may refer themselves for a kidney transplant evaluation by contacting the Kidney Transplant Department at 612-863-5638.  
  • Providers may refer a patient by contacting the Kidney Transplant Department at 612-863-5638.
  • Kidney Recipient Registration Form